Aunt Olya, are you working tomorrow?
Sasha with a sharp movement removed his hand down, I heard the sound of unbuttoning the buttons and zippers of his shorts.
Dimochka, hello. She said laughing. How do you like cinema? I got the wrong number and sent it to you instead of your father. But if you want, I can send it to him too. Want?
Apparently the moans of the brunette were heard in the corridor, because the administrator turned up the music in our room. But she did not calm down and screamed even louder, and I slapped her boobs, squeezed her nipples, grabbed her hair, calling her a slut, a whore, a bitch, a whore and many other flattering words for a girl in the midst of a hard coitus, until I saw that the brunette starts to finish. I sped up. She moaned loudly, as if out of breath. At the peak of my orgasm, I pulled my dick out of her vagina and stuck two fingers into her, starting to fuck her hard and fast with them. She screamed with pleasure, and after a few seconds, a sharp trickle poured from her vagina. The squirt was very weak and frightened the brunette. I did just that, without getting up, I began to slowly turn around, but overexcitation played a role ... my body twitched and sperm flowed from the penis. The ass began to contract and unclench pulsatingly, I closed my eyes and a moan escaped my lips. But a resounding slap in the face brought me back to the ground.
The incident I want to talk about was my fault. My wife and I have lived for 20 years, and in sex everything has already become boring and practically did not exist. My wife was 40 years old, she had a good figure, she was beautiful and men looked at her. I understood that she wanted closeness, but I had already lost interest in her.
I lowered my head down on Verena's crotch, Sasha all this time stood on one elbow, driving my wife's panties with his head the size of a pool ball.
When I penetrated his pants, I felt satisfied. Nikolai's appearance was ordinary, I understood Laura, who chose the imposing Alexei for herself. But the instrument I found was impressive. I was already ready to give Nikolai right here. However, Alexei went and asked for the key to the neighboring adjacent room, and when he and Laura left, Nikolai and I went to bed ..
Meanwhile, graduation was getting closer. They have already begun to pick up outfits for him and shared ideas with each other. April's friend suggested so many ideas to the others, and she also liked some of the outfits herself. But April most of all wanted not only to surprise everyone at the prom, but to become the best couple of the evening with the chick. For some reason she was sure that they would choose them. While everyone else also hoped that they, too, would definitely be chosen. But not everyone managed to get a pair. Some people didn't pay any attention at all. The closer the ball was, the more unrest there were and meetings too. April even decided to change her image in favor of chestnut hair, to which she received joyful exclamations from her best friends. – Oh yes, my hair is really gorgeous and silky, and the color suits me and the length. I'm just irresistible!
She exclaimed and laughed. It was very unusual to see such Maria Vladimirovna, but at the same time it was pleasant. At that moment, she was real. When I went out, I turned to her to say goodbye and met her eyes, in which it seemed to me that I saw interest in myself. This look is usually on girls on a first date, trying to get a better look at you.